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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 6, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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especially for latinos. >> you can see briana keiller's entire discussion with hilda next hour in our new special series pioneros, latino firsts. next hour of newsroom begins right now. we heard a lot of talk over health care reform, and it's all come down to this. a peopletime presidential address to congress with president obama's segment tour issue on the line here. the president's aides, allies, and opponents had a lot to say today on the sunday talk shows. our kate bald rin had the latest from washington. >> reporter: richard, lawmakers and the american public are looking for details from president obama and this week's speech all about selling health care reform may also be about pitching the message, let's take what we can get now. president obama returns from vacation to the crucial week ahead in the health care debate. top white house aides insist the president will spell out his specifics for reform when he speaks wednesday to a joint
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session of congress. >> they'll leave that speech knowing exactly where the president stands, exactly what he thinks we have to do to get health care done. rirchlg at the same time cnn has learned the white house is quietly talking about drafting its own health care bill. a kind of contingency legislation, and is leaning towards a plan that would trigger a public insurance option only if health care reform fails to meet certain goals. white house officials dodged questions sunday about whether the president would sign a bill that doesn't include a public option. >> he believes the public option is a good tool. now, it shouldn't define the whole health care debate, however. >> reporter: it's a condition ten shus issue that has the white house squeezed from the right and the left. >> we need credible, comprehensive, universal health care with a good robust public option now. >> i think if the democrats embrace the public option, even in the form of the trigger, they'll shoot themselves in the foot. >> reporter: and political analysts say there's a lot riding on the president's short visit this week to capitol hill.
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>> he has various alternatives and ideas, but at the end of the speech, it seems to me, folks on capitol hill and around the country have to have a much clearer idea what kind of a bill he feels he needs to sign. >> reporter: recent numbers show the president may have some hard work ahead there. according to a cnn-opinion research corporation poll a majority of americans say they feel more secure under the current health care system than with the president's proposal. richard. >> thank you so much. a quick reminder for you, cnn will carry the president's health care reform address to congress live wednesday night at 8:00 eastern. one of president obama's advisors is stepping down after signing a petition in 2004 that suggested high level deposit officials let the 9/11 attacks happen. van jones was the president's advisor on green jobs. an administration source says jones did not read the petition carefully. he also drew fire for the
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commercial comment about republicans back in february. take a listen. >> how are the republicans able to push things through when they had -- somehow we can't? >> well, the answer to that is they're [ bleep ] holes. >> jones did apologize, but later in his resignation statement it said, "on the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have moubted a vicious smear campaign against me. they are using lies and distortions to dis tract and divide." jones has a long background of environmental and legal activism. he founded green for all, a group that promotes green jobs, and, also, the elia baker center for human rights, which focuses on stopping violence in lower income communities. time magazine named jones as one of its environmental heroes back in 2008. he is also a 1993 graduate from yale law school. sdmrirchlgs now, another big test here for the white house, other than that, quieting the
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fury over president obama's planned speech to the nation's school kids. some parents say tuesday's address will amount to indoctrination, not education. >> i'm happy about it. they are totally disregarding what the parents have the right to do and what their children should be seeing, and it's totally cutting the parent out of the picture. this is crossing a line, and i'm going to use an ugly word right now, but i believe a fascist line that the president has no right what soar to go into these pre-k to sixth grade children and try to somehow sell his agenda. >> arnie duncan is responding to that. he is calling those complaints "silly." he admitted the original lesson plan was flawed when it called for students to write the president about how to meet his education goals. that section has since been changed and secretary duncan says parents can decide if they want their kids to take part. >> the president's whole speech is about asking students to take
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responsibility for their education, really challenge them to work hard every day, to set goals, have a stropg work ethic, and i think this is a really important message. it's absolutely voluntary. no one is mandating this. folks can watch it in school. they can watch it at night with their families. they can watch it two months from now or never watch it. whatever they want to do. >> on that note, you don't have to be in a school to catch the president's speech to the kids. just tune in to cnn. lae we plan to carry it live on tuesday. the president's go-to man on the economy is back on the world's stage in london reviving the global economy and curbing banker bonuses atop the agenda at this weekend's meeting. treasury secretary tim geithner was among the group which represents the world's 20 largest and fastest growing economies. in an interview with richard quest, geithner says the world's economy is stabilizing, but we still have work to do. >> we don't have a recovery yet.
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we have growth on the way, but we don't yet have the conditions for a self-sustaining recovery led by private demapped, which is what we're all committed to achieve. >> the g20 ministers also took on the issue of the huge bonuses for bankers. they agreed on a framework, but the details will have to be worked out in pittsburgh later this month. south lake tahoe, it's a small town in california. when 11-year-old jaycee dugard disappeared, it hit everybody hard there. many people mourned her loss and presumed death. today the community, though, is awash in pink, a joyful celebration that jaycee is alive and has been reunited with her family. a sea of pink. a hometown telling jasy dugard they love her. it's all so familiar. >> it's very overwhelming. it's a good overwhelming.
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>> reporter: jaycee's childhood friend walked this route on the tenth anniversary of jaycee's disappearance. now eight years later this community is walking it backwards. symbolizing they've come full circle and jaycee has come home. >> to be able to walk backwards in a parade because your friend is found alive. rirchlgt in the year sense jaycee vanished this community has held its children tighter. >> constaptly trying to find out where she is and reach out for her hand. >> reporter: that fear, even more real for edwards. the week before dugard disappeared, edwards says she told her parents a car with a man and woman inside followed her home from the bus stop. >> i remember hearing the tire tracks pull on to the dirt road behind me, and freaked me out, and i remember walking faster, hearing the tires go faster. that made me even more scared, and so then i ran home. >> we just thought it was a 10-year-old being overly dramatic and didn't really believe her, actually. >> reporter: edwards says at the
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time she immediately recognized sketches of the car and the woman suspected of involvement in jaycee dugard's disappearance. >> at 11 years old it was my worst nightmare coming true. my nom mom stated, you know, it's the boogie man coming to life. >> reporter: edwards needed to do something. >> this is one of the original pink ribbons. >> she started what became a massive pink ribbon campaign. pink was jaycee's favorite color. 18 years later -- >> we're getting lost in a sea of pink. it's the most beautiful thing i think i have ever seen. >> reporter: jaycee dugard is not here with them, but that missing girl, now a free woman, just may see and feel their joy. cara finishstrom, south lake tahoe, california. sgrirchlgts a shocking crime in south georgia. eight people brutally killed now the man who made the 911 call has been charnled with murder. schools across the nation preparing to handle the spread of the flu mru flu virus. we'll hear from a young student
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sflarchlgts police say a louisiana man shot his wife, son, and 2-year-old grabbedson to death and then killed himself. this happened saturday night in holden, louisiana, near baton rouge. police say it was the tragic culmination of an ongoing dispute between the shooter and
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his wife. the suspect's pregnant daughter-in-law was also shot. she survived and gave birth to her baby three months early. a coroner in pennsylvania is saying more tests are needed to determine what killed a 4-year-old boy found dead in a septic tank. the body was wyatt was discovered yesterday on a neighbor's property in beaver county, pennsylvania. volunteers have been searching for him after he wandered away from his home friday night. today's autopsy was inconclusive. nevertheless, police are treating the case as a homicide saying the septic tank cover was too heavy for the boy to lift by himself. seven of the eight victims brugtsly killed last weekend in brunswick, borj george, have now been buried. 22-year-old guy hines jr., a family member, now faces eight counts of first degree murder, a ninth victim, a 3-year-old boy, is hospitalized with critical injuries. cnn's sean calebs was at the mass funeral. rifshlgt loved ones are saying good-bye to eight people brutally killed in a mobile home in the small georgia coastal town of brunswick.
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family members told me they were floored when authorities told them 22-year-old guy hines jr. had been charnled with all eight murders. he stands accused of killing his own father, five other relatives, and two family friends. the killings have shocked this region. a week ago guy lines jr., the man charged in the killings, made this frantic 911 call after he claimed he discovered the bodies. >> something wasn't right. after police arrived they charged heinze with possession of drugs, obstruction of justice, and tampering with evidence, for allegedly taking a shotgun from the mobile home and hide it in a car. at the time police said he was not a suspect. two days later his attorney ron harrison said his client is not a killer. >> mr. heinze denies his involvement in the murders. >> has he been cooperative sf. >> he has been cooperate and will continue to cooperate. >> reporter: wenz a judge set
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hinese's bond at $25,000. then he walked out of the county jail only to be arrested two hours later and charged with murder. >> two pieces of information came forward to us. we took that two pieces of information, compared it to the whole of all the evidence that we collected all weeklong. we were satisfied. rirchlgt police won't say what this new ed is or reveal a possible motive. it doesn't make sense to a shocked and grieving family who can only say good-bye to the close knit relatives who shared a violent death. sean calebs, cnn, brunswick, georgia. zimplt now to big trouble for pro football star sean merrimon of the san diego chargers. his girlfriend reality tv star tila tequila claims that merrimon physically restrained her from leaving his san diego home. police arrested the 25-year-old linebacker, and he was booked into jail on one count of battery and one count of false imprisonment. tequila stars in an mtv reality
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dating show. one marine is killed in afghanistan and the associated press's decision to release a photo showing his injuries is fueling protests from the pentagon. also, labor day weekend marks the end of summer and the start of school in many places across the country. we'll show you what's being done to protect your kids from the spread of swine flu in the classroom. plus, some cape cod beaches are closed, but the tourists are still flocking hoping to catch a glimpse of the great white shark. but now that i'm breathing better with advair... i can enjoy the zoo with my grandkids. (announcer) for people with copd including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, great news. advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be use more than twice a day.
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zirchlg the massive blaze burning above los angeles is now more than 50% contained. over the past 11 days that huge fire has blackened more than 250 square miles and cost about $40 million. two firefighters have died battling the inferno. nearly 80 homes have been lost. sgrirchlgts drivers in the bay area might have a tough commute on tuesday morning. a major crack was discovered on the heavily traveled san francisco oakland bay bridge. it was found as crews were swapping out a span of the brinl, which is shown in this time-lapsed video. engineers say they don't yet know how lock it will take to fix this crack, but i possible the bridge will not reopen on tuesday as planned. a lot of drivers are not about
7:19 pm
to like that. great white sharks off the coast of massachusetts have kept beaches closed to swimmers in the city of chatham. tour is, respects, and biolog t biologists are eager to see and constitutingy the giant fish. two of the great whites have been tagged with electronic devices so that researchers can track their movements as they move about. it's the first time that great whites have been tagged in the atlantic. sfwlirchlgts let's get over to jackie right now to talk with weather before you and i were talking we were concerned about tornado warnings. >> the tornado warning in effect north of the nashville area has expired, but there's still heavy thunderstorms west of town. especially right along i-40 here. this is all pushing eastward, and there's also some lightning with this, so you are going to want to stay inside until these storms pass, and it could be well over an hour before these move on through. unfortunately, not going to mix well if you are trying to do the barbecue at this time. we also have some widespread showers and thunderstorms around louisiana to the lower mississippi valley right here.
7:20 pm
even into the panhandle of florida. heavy downpours and some uponing on the roadway. travel is not all that great at this time. we're also looking at some heavy rain at times. even north of nashville up towards louisville, and then we're looking at some rain across parts of the appalachians. much of the rest of the country is doing okay. of course, you know, the airport, for the most part, has been very quiet. only one tla at jfk right now. 15 minutes tlaz. that's it. atlanta, of course, a big airport hub. we're having more problems on the roadways. dragon con is in town for the big convention here, and at this hour they are trying to break the greatest world record of so many people doing the thriller dance. >> oh, man wrshgs. >> which we were hoping we could see that in the park, but apparently they're doing that inside. >> they're warming up right now. it's always fun. you got your moves down, i can see. >> i was hoping to see some of this, weren't you? >> sounds like fun brsh. >> great weather tomorrow with the exception of the ohio
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valley. this will be the big focus for travel delays and a lot of wet weather. everybody else, pretty good. >> yeah. the beat it move is also -- going like this. >> can you do that one. >> good stuff. i'm not going to do that. thank you. sdmrirchl the chief of the centers for disease control says the kids will get the swine flu vaccine when it's ready. dr. thomas today teld told john king today that health officials are very confident in the safety of the shot, which is supposed to be ready next month. more than 590 people have died from the virus since the spring, according to the centers for disease control. another 9,000 have been hospitalized. sfwlirchlgts a private catholic school in new york is well prepared for a swine flu outbreak, because it's already been through one. here's cnn national correspondent susan candiotti. >> reporter: sisters enrita and sesy are excited about goingback back to school, except for one thing, the h1n1 virus, or swine flu. >> nauseous, through up, chills,
7:22 pm
fever. >> reporter: rita has the dubious distinction of being among the first to get the swine flu in new york's epicenter, st. francis prep school. >> as soon as i say prep, people say, oh, the swine school. rirchlg the building was scrubbed down last spring. now hand sanitizers are in the cafeteria and every bathroom. the high school's principal is teaching other schools how to handle an outbreak. are you worried? >> well, i am worried. some of the experts are saying that sense so many kids had the flu here that there's probably built up an imunit to it. >> reporter: the school isn't taking any chances. school assemblies to remind kids how to protect themselves. in the ethof an outbreak, sick kids will be temporarily he's late in the auditorium. >> there were kids around the bend waiting to get in. >> reporter: school nurse mary knows firsthand about a quick response. when the swine flu hit, the school's phone lines were
7:23 pm
jammed. security guards had to help take temperatures. at the same time a lot of students showed up at once here in the nurse's office. this year they're going to be using strip therm meters. you peel off the back and put it on your forehead. this is brian. and it will register the temperature just like that. the temperature glows, but is every school this prepared? >> my biggest fear is that it would maybe be in the school where there was no nurse and, you know, it would be chaos for those kids. >> reporter: some schools can't afford nurses. nationwide vermont has the best nurse to student ratio. one nurse for every 275 students. in utah it jumps to one nurse for every 4,9 hillary students. how to prevent an outbreak? in new york city limit elementary students will be offered free swine flu vaccines when they're ready next month. >> plan on getting the vaccine? >> yeah, i will definitely get it. >> i'm just hoping that it doesn't, leak, nothing like this
7:24 pm
happens again this year or any year. >> reporter: susan candiotti, chnn, new york. a bloody photo of a dying marine is drawing battle lines between the parents and the media and the pentagon. families ripped apart by terrorism. do the victims deserve compensation? the british prime minister never fought for it until now. and she's a pioneer in a white house that's already breaking down barriers. how labor secretary hilda solice is helping other latino evena to follow in her footsteps.
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sfwlirchlgts election officials in afghanistan say ballots from nearly 450 polling stations will not be counted from last month's presidential election. the election commission did not say why it was tossing out those ballots, but it has been fielding thousands of allegations of voter tampering and fraud since the polls had closed. so far about three-quarters of the country's votes have been counted. president hamid karzai is closing in on the 50% minimum that is needed to win
7:28 pm
re-election in that country. now, his closest chal earning here abdullah abdullah has tallied slightly more than 30% of the vote so far, too. a u.s. service member was killed today in afghanistan. the american was the victim of an insurgent attack in the eastern part of the country. meanwhile, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan says he is convinced civilians were among those killed in a nato air strike. now, the strike in northern afghanistan killed at least 90 people. it came after two tank esh trucks were hijacked late thursday by the taliban. afghans were attempting to siphon fuel from the trucks when they were hit. this all comes on the heeldz of the deadliest month yet for u.s. troops. 52 died in august. now the new controversy involving a photograph of a u.s. marine killed in afghanistan last month. cnn pentagon correspondent chris lawrence has that story. >> reporter: with the taliban ambushing a marine patrol last month, a -- the associated press
7:29 pm
a patriotic act of him mortally wupded and has released it against the family's wishes. >> i can promise you if it was their son or their daughter, they wouldn't do it. >> reporter: on the phone i speak with corporal bernard's father. sdmri think they were given a privilege by being assigned to that specific unit, and that they were privileged to be there when my son was called home, and i think they abused that trust. >> reporter: defense secretary robert gates himself begged the ap not to release it, and in a letter to the company's president called the decision appalling. the controversy comes just as president obama considers the possibility of deploying more american troops to afghanistan. the photo was actually one of many captured by a photographer embedded in corporal bernard's unit, including later seen the fellow marines honor says him. the ap -- they released the photo. "we feel it is our journalistic duty to show the reality of the
7:30 pm
war there. however, unpleasant and brutal that sometimes is." cnn has chosen not to show the photo in ap video showing similar images out of respect of the wishes of the family. some newspapers ran it. others refused to. one media critic says he would not have run the photo, but -- >> that's exactly why some younger people say they don't consume the mainstream media and they go on-line is they don't want gate keepers and filters and people telling them what they should see. >> reporter: the picture is just one part of a nearly 2,000 word story that the ap told. it includes an interview with the corporal's father, an exmarine who claimed about the military's rules of engagement. he felt that protecting afghans was putting american troops at unnecessary risk. john bernard told me he wrote those letters of complaints just three weeks before his son was ambushed. chris lawrence, cnn, the pentagon.
7:31 pm
bresh prime minister gordon brown never pressed libya to compensate the victims of ira terrorism according to new documents released today, but he says that all changes now. facing outrage from survivors brown is pledging to set up diplomatic meetings with the libyan government to negotiate deals. libya is suspected of arming the attackers with explosives. he says he has been reluctant to demand compensation before because of libya's about-face on terrorism. >> in the last few years our priority has been to ensure that libya comes in and supports the fight against terrorism instead of sponsoring terrorism and gives up its nuclear weapons. as libya has renounced nuclear weapons and terrorism, our relationship has changed, and i said last week it is these concerns, security and terrorism, not oil or commercial interests, that have been the dominant feature of our relationship. >> moving now to the lockerbie bomber and where why he was
7:32 pm
released from prison in the u.k. the charge that a back deal oil deal may have been greased and the wheels here are gaining traction. ab deal -- he received a hero's welcome in his home country last month. he was convicted of bombing an airplane back in 1988, killing 270 people. britain's justice secretary was quoted saying that oil and trade agreements with libya did play a part in the release talks, but his office is now strongly denying that statement. the son of leba's leader, muammar kaddafi, sat down exclusively with senior international correspondent nick roberts op. he says it's all politics. >> we signed many agreements and many deals and put them together in one package, and it's normal to negotiate and to, you know, negotiate and to argue.
7:33 pm
it's politics. >> libya put pressure on the british government to release him. otherwise, there would be problems with trade. >> we haven't mentioned this. we talked also about the transfer agreement. there was no mention of him medical the british says every said it should be disclosed of mentioning that mr. mcgraw hi is pex clueded, and we said no, and we were very angry. >> and that anger translated into -- >> we were angry. it's unacceptable. >> what did you say to them? >> we said we're not going to sign. if you're not -- >> why? >> it's a general agreement, and there should be no names in the agreement, because it's not the common practice in politics to mention names and n agreements between governments. they said, yes, you're right.
7:34 pm
>> now, on wednesday bresh prime minister gordon brown insisted there was "no conspersy, no coverup, and no double dealing. no deal on oil railroad" overtime bomber's release. sflimplgts we move to the daughter of the first to graduate college in her family and now she's serving in president obama's cabinet. we'll introduce you to labor secretary hilda solice in our new series, lat anno firsts. show and tell
7:35 pm
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starting tonight here in the newsroom we're profiling latinos who overcame obstacles and made history. it's par our new series pioneros latino firsts. hilda solice, the first latina labor secretary. she spoke with briana heeler. >> so help me god. >> god love you. >> reporter: secretary, what do you think have where you are today? >> it's amazing. just really amazing to be here, to be seated as a cabinet member
7:38 pm
in the first latina in the obama administration, and it's a dream. >> when you received the call from, well, then president-elect obama, what was your first thought? >> knowing that this opportunity was open to you? >> i was very proud. i mean, i think it was very unexpected, but our president is a very, very giving man. very open, very much about bringing in diversity and coalessing with different people, soy think he took a lot of people by surprise. >> how important is it to have someone be the first so that -- is it breaking a ceiling in a way? is it breaking a barrier to make this more likely in the future? >> i think it is, and all you have to do is look at the election that took please last year. having the first african-american president in our lifetime. that's amazing.
7:39 pm
the fact that this is one of the most diverse cabinets that we've seen in the history of our presidency is amazing to me, and i feel very horped to have colleagues like hillary clinton who is a friend, to see kim sala sdmr ar, former u.s. senator, who is also a high ranking latina serving in the department of interior, to have people like eric holder, african-american, serving as our attorney general. i mean, these are capable, talented, intelligent individuals, so i feel like, gee, what a p wonderful opportunity to be able to serve as colleagues with them. >> there must have been a point in time if you would share with us, when it was clear to you that it was harder because you are a latina. was there ever a time? >> certainly i know people have doubted my capability or my intelligence or what i bring to
7:40 pm
the table, and you often get tested in that way, and i think the first example that i often refer to is in high school and the fact that my original high school counselor, not the one that encouraged me to go to college. the one that you get assigned by alphabet in high school, actually had asked me, well, you know, hilda, what are you going to do? you're in 11th grade. you have a year to go here. what are your career choices? i said, well, i don't know. well, why don't you follow -- he tells me why don't you follow along with where wha your older sister did and become a secretary. that's what his sights were for me. >> you did become a secretary. >> surprisingly a cabinet. not what he was suggesting. >> and the counselor who was saying that i should be a secretary actually told me mother that, well, you know, your daughter isn't college material. i mean, that to me in & my
7:41 pm
mother, i think, really just kind of made us want to work even harder and for her to support me more. it meant more. it just created more internal energy on our part to really do good morning that goes against the grain and when i think about it now, i think about all those students that were told, oh, no, here. just do that. just settle for that. you'll be fine. you'll make due. i thought, no, this has got to change. one of the things i did after i did get admitted to the four-year college was to go back to my high school and i recruited other students who had similar backgrounds, same grades and things like that, and told them that they could go to college too. that year we ended up recruiting about 25 students from that high school. there is a list of firsts for you, and i think the one that really sticks out is the first first is being the first person in your family, a larnl family -- you have several siblinged.
7:42 pm
the first person in your family to graduate college. how important was that being the first? your family to graduate college? >> it is very important, and i think it's important for other families to think about that too, that typically in our culture young women aren't always encouraged because many -- there aren't many people in the family that have gone on to college to share that experience and to encourage the parents to understand the importance and significance of what that means, so it is important for that to kind of be a lesson for other people to know that it's possible to have changes like that coming maybe even influence from outside sources like a high school counselor who happened to take an interest in what i was doing and thought i was capable of going to college. >> how hard is it right now to have this job that you have? >> you know, it's hard because we've inherited this very bad economic crisis which started
7:43 pm
officially december 2007, but i know in the community where i grew up and that i represented as a member of congress, we were seeing high numbers of unemployment way before 2000. i could see figures going up high. always in the hispanic community, african-american community. disadvantaged areas where you saw people struggling. >> is the latino american experience in this recession different than the american experience of it? >> it's harder. yes. they definitely have higher rates of unemployment. we see that women, latina women are the ones that are really bearing the brunt of this, because they are typically the ones that keep the household together, so if they're tending to their children or having to work another -- maybe two part-time jobs or minimum wage jobs, they are really feeling a lot of pressure. i know that. i see it. i see it in the faces when i go out to different communities, whether it's san antonio, texas, east los angeles, or miami, florida, or in new york or in
7:44 pm
chicago. you know, i was visiting some places there, some work experience, job experience places there, and saw that there's a lot of -- there's a lot of concern and anxiety, but at the same time when i get to talk to people and explain what our programs are, there's a change in their attitude. their eyes light up, and they're looking to see how they can get engamed and take advantage of these programs. so that's what i want to do. i want to inform people about opportunities that the dew point of labor can offer to them, and i want to do that in a way that will impact the his pan ek community and other communities that are also in great need right now. >> as a member of president obama's cabinet, what do you bring from your background that enlightens what you do as the secretary of labor that enlightens what you say when you were at that table near the oval office? >> well, i think about why i
7:45 pm
was -- why i was selected, and a lot of it has to do with, you know, your record. what have you done before in the past? what issues have you cared about? issues continue to be about working families, about continuing to help improve the quality of life for young children and for young adults, and for seniors. to help our economy, you know, repair itself right now. all these things i have worked on throughout my 25 years of public service, and i feel like i've come full circle, so i have that -- the confidence about knowing what i stand for and what voice i would like to pronl ekt, and it's not hilda solis's voice. it's the voice of women. it the voice of people wanting to see justice in the workplace, wanting to have equality of education opportunities, equal pay, and to see that we have more access for diverse communities, so when i speak, it
7:46 pm
sent just as a latina cabinet member. it's hild yashgs the person bringing these other experiences with her. >> all right. getting to know the labor secretary hilda solis. a myself good in depth understanding of what she thinks of. join us every week, by the way, at this time as we profile more lat anna fists for you. we talk live with oscar, the author of mambo kings play songs of love. be there for that. coming in october an in depth look at what it's like to be latino many america. it's coverage you'll see only on cnn. one williams sister is in and now one is out as of today. we're talking u.s. open tennis, and that guy there, the start of college football, with rick stretd. >> there you go. >> there you go. with copd, i was short of breath,
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>> sunday night labor day welcome, and there's a lot to talk about. we talk about sports, and who
7:50 pm
better to talk about than sports is business analyst rick harrow. he joins me now from west palm beach, florida. let's talk tennis first. some surprises with the u.s. open for americans and a strong boost surprised the u.s. open f americans and the strong boost to new york's economy. we were talking about venus. that's finished. >> you and i were talking about playing so hit that back. i'll see what that. there it is a good point because the better the economy, the better for the future of men's and women's tennis in america. last year at the u.s. open, we were talking about giving out t.a.r.p. funds to everybody. this year the revenue is up to $250 million or so. profits up to $100 million. they've done a wonderful job which is really important, richard, because every dollar goes to administration but also to train and improve the state of tennis in our country. we have two women in the draw for the final week and two men and there obviously needs to be
7:51 pm
more. >> you were saying in our discussion earlier, recession-proof. why is that? why is it so resillent? >> everybody wants to see tennis. it is 20 minutes from the epicenter of american business in flushing meadow in new york. this is one of those deals where it is one of the super events. super bowl, bowl championship series, masters golf, u.s. open. corporate america sees it as almost above the recessionary fray, so to speak. we're expecting 700,000 people to come to this event over a two-week period. the organizers say it is the most attended sporting event on a yearly basis around the world. >> and they made it more family friendly. >> yeah, yeah. they have a slam area where you can catch your serve. at least when you serve against the net, it's all right. >> speak for yourself, would you? speak for yourself. i've heard about your serves. >> yeah, i understand.
7:52 pm
mine is good though. >> college ball started on thursday. there it is. what have you got? >> we've got college football. and frankly, a very interesting thursday night issue, as you know. you see the film and it is one of those things where it is really up fortunate. oregon, boise state, the player got into an incident. suspension, university of oregon decided, for that, by the way, that player will be out of football for a year. that's a first round potential running back draft pick. he will regret that he threw that punch. it is a good example, if you break the rules, you will pay the fine. >> and it look like they are both at it verbally from the pictures, we don't know what was that. that physical blow that came to that right side of the player, you know, you compare this to nfl penalties. is this pretty much consistent with that? >> well, a year is pretty stout. remember, the university of oregon did you tell and they said this will teach the kid a lesson. the coach was very just set but
7:53 pm
he understood that was the right penalty. the nfl has its own guidelines. commissioner goodell has his own issues. >> recession proof, the nfl, that's off in about four days. talk about that. >> the nfl, it is one of though situations, the juggernaut of all professional sports. $7.5 billion of revenue. the average franchise right now is worth over $1 billion in 15 years ago, about $150 million. there is a little bit of a dark cloud. you have labor issues, those image issues. you have to make sure the fans can afford it. the bottom line is eight of the team decrease in value this last year overall. 7% increase in revenues. we head into this titans-steelers game. >> the wolfe eenz looking better than ever.
7:54 pm
>> you know how good that is. for somebody else in the room, florida beats charleston southern 67-3? pick on somebody your own size, gators. >> did somebody say it was like a high school team? i didn't say that. >> no, no. there's room for that everywhere. let see what happens at the he said of the season. >> i'm glad the season is here, my friend. our business analyst when it come to sports. thank you. >> see you next week. it is not halloween yet but it sure does look like it in atlanta. we will but this earlier and we'll show you more when with take to you dragon could have been and all these costumes. (announcer) neutroténa tone correcting night serum with high performance soy to even skin tone and active retinol to speed cell turn over. clinically shown to visibly fade brown spots in 14 nights. i even out my skin at night so it looks younger, flawless in the morning. (announcer) neutrogena tone correcting now you can fade and prevent discolorations all day. new tone correcting spf 30.
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7:57 pm
it's been stranger than fiction lately. dragon con hit atlanta just down the street from cnn's headquarters right here in atlanta. we want to bring you the sights and sounds from the big sci-fi and fantasy convention. take a look. >> terrific. actually seeing other people that are kind of like you in the same way. before the internet, you know, you had to know somebody that knew somebody that knew somebody
7:58 pm
that was into what you were into. now we can all kind of get together in the virtual reality, the world wide web. and then meet up here. people that i only see here once a year. it is really cool. i have a great time. so many sub couple urz and things. it is really interesting to see everybody getting together and getting along. >> i've been coming since i was about 7 years old. i come every year to see the people, the costume. people look for something fun to do and i think people enjoy escaping reality. i think it is the people they meet here. >> you wouldn't expect it to be as good as they are.
7:59 pm
>> the film aliens is what got us into this. i've always been into science fiction. >> some of our friends who always come to the convention, they can't make it this year but maybe next year. >> a little less since the recession. the last year, year and a half, i've noticed it. >> really great to see people working on their costume. not as much store bought as we have normally seen. >> pure unbridled insanity. just completely out of their little heads. that's what makes it great. snr it is just being fan. something you like. it all works out.


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